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Given that having an ISO 9001 certification or not, in any case allows for better management of production processes and the overall management of the business, in some types of CE is also required to implement a quality system ISO 9001 certificate.
In the ISO 9001 is possible to apply a particular sampling process "multi site" that allows you to certify various sites to verify them through a rotating basis, provided that the system used is the same and that the processes affecting various sites are the same . Normally you choose a primary site representative of all activities and, in turn, will visit the other(s) during the period of certification.This rule does not apply in the case of ISO 14001 environmental certification or certification of safety OHSAS 18001.
It requires that the organization be able to demonstrate to the review team that the company has adequately implemented the management system to be certified and that it is in a position to demonstrate a sufficient level of applications. You also need to have carried out at least one full cycle of internal audits and at least one management review.