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AB CERTIFICAZIONE was founded in September 2007 as the Italian delegation of AB CERTIFICATION, a French Certification Body, accredited by COFRAC and located in the hinterland of Paris.  

AB CERTIFICAZIONE immediately obtained, as the name it represents, the recognition by SINCERT (current ACCREDIA) for the EA sector 28 (building and plant), allowing it to operate fully in this very special sector of the Italian market. 


 AB CERTIFICAZIONE selects and constantly evaluates its auditors who are required a continuous updating and a different and particular audit methodology geared not to the pure form, relatively easy to achieve, but addressed to add a value to our customers through the search of substance. This way is certainly more difficult but in our philosophy it is the only way to give a real and practical utility to any kind of certification.
The AB Group is now in a degree to have almost complete accreditation in the field of Quality, Environmental and Security Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) and in the field of medical devices (ISO 13485), while for other certification schemes we have signed partnership agreements with other bodies (certified and / or notified) which puts us in a position to offer to our customers a range of services that covers virtually all the world of certification for Management Systems and for products both, including the CE marking.
To complete its services AB Certificazione adheres to the CISE circuit for Certification Ethics (SA 8000).
Thanks to the long experience of its members and the internal organization and the seriousness of their group, the growth of AB Certificazion is rapid and exponential and at the end of year 2009 reached the milestone of 300 certificates, with presence in all the EA sectors and in all the different Management Systems.
AB Certification has helped to promote the development of the AB group also into new overseas markets, with particular attention to new and emerging ones (see WHERE WE ARE).
Our group is also active in training of auditors and lead auditors (rules ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) through the training body FREA Sarl, accredited by IRCA, the most important and prestigious training organization in the world and the only one with a worldwide recognition).
This brief presentation of our organizations wants to convey to all our customers, both current and potential, a simple and concrete message:
"Certification is to be considered an investment and it can bring an important added value to your company, but only if all the actors who are part of it (companies, consultants and certification bodies) know how to interpret their different roles".
Attached you can download the official documents of AB Certificazione
  • AB Policy
  • AB Cofrac Accreditation
  • AB Sincert / Accredia Recognition
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